Renovation By DIY Or Hiring A Contractor?


Whether you want to increase the value of the house which you are thinking of selling or simple want to make the place have a better look, a project of renovation is in line. It can be DIY-Do It Yourself or a more serious one with contractors and a hefty budget. In that case, finding and deciding ways to mitigate costs is important. If you are going for a DIY project, make sure the 20 minute video you watched can, truly be done in real life. It can be renovations done to transform the living room or kitchen or simply to make them more beautiful. Either way, you have to plan it and execute it the right way.

Planning and Designing

Be it a rough drawing on a piece of paper, a complete architectural plan or just an idea formed while you were watching a DIY video it should be now properly planned and proceeded. It is less costly and even lesserannoying to correct faultsprior to the actual remodeling takes place. Also make sure that you possess the necessary funding to start the renovation. Once the plan has taken shape, draw up a list where you answer in affirmative or negative to “DIY” or not; if there are ample “no”s, that means you have to start looking for able contractors to submit the tasks. Some of those might even want permits to be applied, so make sure you do all that prior to pay a contractor to start work. Stuff such as replacing hob, making floor for a small pond or setting up great bathroom mirrors you can take care of by yourself.

 Which parts to target?

Most people target re-roofing, re-flooring, fixing water issues and/ or windows as popular renovation topics. Installing windows is something you can do by DIY; but taking care of a water infiltration issue may need a certified plumber. Roof issues also are of two types, there are some simple tasks which you can do but more serious ones like replacing roofing tiles with another material or fixing severe leaks will have to be taken care of by a professional. Take care to attack issues that can become crucial with time that they will be mandatory to fix with time, like sidings of walls having water leaks and foundation problems.

Organizing the renovation

When you are deciding which to do first, do talk to a contractor to know what needs to be done before what, sometimes easier DIYs may have to be redone if a major renovation is due in that room. For example, if you are demolishing the bath and putting in a new shower with a shower cubicle, there is no point of setting up a screen now; when the reconstruction is finished you can look for shower screens Sydney prices and go for a medium priced one rather than an expensive one. When you are planning demolition, always rent a truck to transport the demolished parts. Otherwise it is all going to be filling your yard and the whole property will look untidy. DIY is a cheaper way to renovate your house. But you must have all the required gear and the insurance that it will not create a bigger issue later on.


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