The Importance Of The Outdoors

If we think back to the type of childhood people has about forty or fifty years ago and look at the type of childhood that the kids of today are having, the change is almost amazing. It shock you to see the vast difference in how kids were brought up those days and how kids are brought up today. I’m sure most of us will find it difficult to point to something during the two periods and say that ‘’oh this has remained the same’’. Because there is absolutely nothing that can be looked at like that. So has this change happened as a conscious effort or has the change happened without anybody noticing it happening. Has it happened because parent shave otherwise been helpless. Because they haven’t been able to avoid this change. But I guess the most important question would be how this change has affected the kids. Has this change been good for them or bad for them?For example one of the stark changes that we see these days is obviously the development of technology. And how everybody is getting buried in it. So it’s no surprise that the kids are too. Because they learn from the adults, and when the adults are always having their noses touching the screen of their smart phone or their tablet, why wouldn’t the kids follow suite.

Because if you look at the world today gone are the days where kids used to play on metal swing sets and trampolines. There is just no space for that kind of activity and entertainment in their lives any more. For them it’s just about video games and animated movies. And that’s the truth that most parents have to realize today. That their children have very limited outdoor exposure.

And maybe its high time they brought them toys like the , castle top mountain climber step 2 which would give them a great opportunity to play outdoor rather than getting their kids some kind of technological device to sit inside their homes and play. Because the outdoor games along with giving their brains the necessary stimulation also helps them to become active. Which is an important aspect of the growing up phase for kids. They need to have this activity every day to help them develop good health. Which they are definitely not going to get by staying indoors buried behind books and video games. So its high time that parents realized the value of the outdoors and got their children the appropriate toys to help them have a healthy childhood and grow up to be active young adults. kids-fun-swing